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When to Replace Your Old Garage Door?

Have ever noticed that 20% of your homefront belongs to the garage door? That’s why it is such an essential element of your home when it comes to safety, design, and comfort. Also, when prospective home buyers look at a house, one of the first things they see is the garage door.

So the question is: is your garage door looking old, cracked, sagging, or perhaps the motor isn’t performing the way it should? Or is it making your house cold or drafty?

Protecting Your Home: Replace the Door Opener

Lift Master garage door Remote in DenverYou should know that back in the day, 1993 to be exact, the signal of the remote transmitter could be picked up by others because it wasn’t equipped with a code system that could scramble its signal.

Of course, that’s a while back now, but there are still some old door openers and their respective garage doors, so we recommend upgrading to new and more advanced technology.

There are many garage door openers nowadays that can be configured to work with your smartphone which is hard to hack into, making it safer for you and your loved ones at home.

Improve the Looks of Your Home

We mentioned that a significant aspect of your home is the design and the role that a garage door plays in it. If you take a good look at yours, is it cracked, chipped, or looking like it isn’t what it used to be?

Perhaps it is time to make that upgrade. A new garage door will bring you comfort and energy savings, especially in the winter months, by keeping the cold temperatures and wind drafts from coming inside. It will also make the rest of your house look great, automatically increase the value of your home. Voilà!

Garage Door Experts in the Front Range

Our experienced staff is standing by with over three decades of experience and the desire to serve you.  We are committed to improving your way of life by providing a great experience as you choose the best garage door option for your home.

Enjoy the quality of our products and customer service by contacting us via email or by visiting our website to get a free estimate. Call us today to schedule an appointment!Front Range Garage Door Company

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