How Do I Find the Best Garage Door for My House?

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Finding the Best Garage Door for Your House Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Home front new garage door

Has your garage door started to sag or becoming hard to lift? Perhaps the motor is worn out or broken? Whichever the reason, we think it’s time to consider finding a replacement by informing yourself on the different types of garage doors, cost, where to buy one, and which experts to call to do the job.

Garage Door Options

Options are available through most garage door manufacturers. Doors come in an array of colors, materials such as steel, aluminum or plastic, and even wood. You can also order window sections for a decorative accent to allow daylight into a dark garage, choose insulated doors, dual glazed, or just a standard door.

Many garage doors can be ordered with designs to complement your home’s look or specific features in the rest of the facade. The choices are endless. You can also contact Front Range Garage Doors to find what latest technology is there that can suit your needs.

Modern Classic brown garage door with glass in Denver

Modern Classic

Garage Door Cost

When it comes to garage door prices, the choices are many. This decision is affected by door type, style and perhaps even your budget. You can purchase a composite door for about $400.oo or a high-end wooden door for easily $9000.00 or more.

Most of the time these choices are made based on budget and practicality, but the sky is the limit.

Where to Buy Your next Garage Door?

Buying a garage door has become easy with the help of the internet and the many garage door companies that have sprung up in the past decade or so. One can walk into any hardware store and find information on most doors in the market.

We recommend calling the experts at Front Range Garage Door to receive guidance and finding the best-suited garage door for your home. With so many choices, it has become a little tricky to understand the different types and who will install them.

Call the Garage Door Experts in North Denver

Front Range Garage Doors Company opened in 1985 with one goal in mind; to serve our community by bringing the best garage door products and service money can buy! Whether it is early morning, rain or shine, we are here to serve you with our repair department or to provide the best product you need.  

Our experience has exceeded the industry’s standards over the past 32 years, as we have strived to bring the best and most personal service. Our customers have come to appreciate our level of expertise and enjoyed the high-quality products we provide.  Allow our experienced staff to dedicate some time to assess the best way to serve you and meet your expectations. 

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