How to Avoid Winter Garage Door Problems

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When the cold weather rolls around, your garage door might start acting up. It’s annoying, but it’s normal. Thankfully, you probably don’t need to replace everything to get it to work properly. But you may need to do some garage door repairs. You might be experiencing the door “sticking” or pests that sneak inside to escape the bitter cold. Both of these winter garage door problems can easily be resolved. Here’s how to avoid these issues so you can enter and exit your garage with ease.

Adjust Hardware For Optimal Working Condition

Common Garage Door Issues

Cold weather can create problems with your garage doors.

Take a flashlight and start investigating your garage door system. When something’s not working, you can typically find the source of the problem by just looking. Ask someone else in the household to flip the switch while you watch it operate. You should look for tracks that need adjusting or tightening. You should also look out for springs, rollers, bearing, and other garage door parts that might need adjusting or replacing. Of course, once you’ve spotted the problem, you can call in the professionals to make the garage door repairs. Don’t put it off!

Lubrication & Weather Seals

Use just the right amount of lubrication to avoid winter garage door problems. The creaking and squeaking is a sign that you don’t have enough lubrication. When the rollers and bearings dry out, they don’t glide very well. This creates the terrible noise you’re hearing as well as the glitchy movements. You can also avoid winter garage door problems by adding weather seals for energy efficiency. Make sure there’s a tight seal underneath the door and on the sides. This keeps pests out, and also keeps the heat in, so you don’t lose money on your energy bills.

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