Considerations for Choosing Windows for Your Garage Door

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The type of windows or window designs you choose for your garage door has a big impact on the aesthetic and practical performance of your garage. There is a huge variety in terms of appearance. You can choose something that aligns with the style of your existing home, or you could go for something a bit different to make a statement with your garage. Overall, there’s a lot to consider when choosing new garage door windows.  Here’s what you need to factor in to find the right product for your home. From durability to reflective qualities, let’s go over some of the basics.

Consider Shape, Style, and Patterns 

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The placement and style of your garage door windows can increase your curb appeal.

Choosing garage doors is something that most people don’t think about until it’s time to make a purchase. You hear homeowners talk about paint colors and furniture, but you rarely hear about the garage. This is odd because your garage makes a stronger first impression on guests than any other part of your home. There are styles of windows and window design inserts to match every type of home. If you have a craftsman style home, then you’ll probably want to find window shapes that match the original era of your home. If you have something more modern, then you might want to go for a different pattern like three vertical rectangular windows in a row.

Security and Energy Efficiency

Of course, your garage door windows are about more than just aesthetics. Your windows affect the security of your garage. If they’re old and single pane, it’s easier for thieves to break in. If the windows are too thin, then they won’t keep the heat in as well as insulated glass.  This can have a detrimental impact on your energy bills. If you use your garage as a playroom or a workshop, then your windows are a critical part of keeping your home functional and energy-efficient.

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