Do I need a new garage door opener?

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Since 1993, reversal mechanisms have been required on all garage door openers. If your opener was installed before 1993 yet still appears to be working fine, replacement is a must. 

It is better to be safe than sorry

Many garage doors built over two decades ago were not as technologically advanced as they are now.  Today you can purchase a state of the art door with an opener application that is installed on your smartphone. Most garage doors now come equipped to allow you to monitor any open and close activity, giving you the sense of security and control of your home. If you are interested in this kind of opener, please give us a call or visit our website for more information. Front Range Garage Door has the knowledge and experience to guide you to the correct product for your home.

Is it necessary to have an opener?Home front new garage door

It all depends on you, but we would say that for the sake of comfort and security,  you can conveniently open your garage from your car.  Sure there are garages that can just be manually opened but there are many steps in between you and an open garage door.  We strongly encourage you to consider having a door that can easily be opened from your car so you don’t have to get out.  Nowadays, we need to consider a safe entry and exit from your home.

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