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The Effects of Winter on Your Garage Door

Winter is perhaps the harshest season for your garage door, and numerous problems can arise if you skip maintenance. It would be a pain to have to deal with a broken door during any season, but to be stuck outside in the cold because something went wrong would be the worst. Cold weather can affect garage doors in several ways. The good news is, you can stay ahead of winter garage door problems by knowing about the following cold weather possibilities.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken springs are a consequence of normal wear and tear. It can be easy to forget to perform regular maintenance checks on the springs during the hectic winter months. However, it is important to check them often by lifting the door about halfway up and letting go. If the door stays in place with no movement, the springs are functioning correctly. If it starts to move down a little, it might be time to consider replacing them.

Garage Door Frozen to the Groundgarage door maintenance

This can arguably be the most annoying cold weather effect on your garage door. If water accumulates at the bottom of the gate, it can seal and freeze the door shut. The best way to handle this issue is to avoid it altogether by sweeping puddles and snow away from the base of your door right away.

Water Damage

The precipitation of winter can cause your wooden garage door and its frame to swell. Also, regardless the material, any garage door can get stuck where it is, which will keep it from opening when you need in or out. Simply make sure to keep your rain gutters clear, so that water runoff doesn’t splash onto the door and cause or add to swelling.

Combat winter weather effects on your gate with a quality 0verhead door

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