Why Replacement Parts for Your Garage Should Be the Right Brand

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When there’s a problem with your garage door, it’s important to find replacement parts that match your original system’s brand. Generic parts sometimes fit the requirements on the surface, but in the end, the fit won’t be as tight. Every brand manufacturers their parts to fit together seamlessly, therefore improving quality and function. Not only does using a generic replacement put your system in danger of malfunctioning, but it could also cancel out any warranties that came with your system by introducing an off-brand part. Here’s a bit more information about garage door replacement parts.

Replacement parts should match the brand of your garage door or opener

Now that you know the brands of garage door replacement parts need to match the original system, let’s talk about some benefits. You will have to pay slightly more for an on-brand part, but it’s definitely worth the tiny cost bump. These parts will last longer because they’re of higher quality than off-brand replacement parts. Plus, matching brands means that your part is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your garage door or opener. You won’t waste any time testing out parts and rejecting them because they don’t fit.

Most repair and installation companies, like Front Range Garage Door, are connected to manufacturers and catalogs to access on-brand garage door replacements parts for customers. If you need a specific part, you can always reach out. However, it’s more likely that you’re not sure what’s wrong. In that case, our technicians will assess the situation in-person and request the appropriate branded part via our company.

Keep Your Garage Organized and Clean 
Keep your garage door safe and secure by using on-brand replacement parts.

Better parts mean your garage door is more safe and secure

There’s another consideration when it comes to using on-brand garage door replacement parts: security. When you combine brands or use white label parts, you’re risking the entire system. One risk is that the parts may not fit together properly. When parts aren’t built to work together it can decrease safety and function. Poorly fitted parts can compromise the security of your home and cause your garage door to malfunction. Paying for quality will always give you a better return on your investment.

Need garage door replacement parts or advice about your garage door? Reach out to Front Range Garage Door, and we’d be happy to assist.

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