Most Common Winter Garage Door Problems

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When the cold days come, having a garage is a blessing. You no longer have to worry about protecting your car and heavy equipment from rain, snow, and frost. You just have to make sure that everything is perfectly housed in the garage. However, you should be aware of some winter garage door problems so that you are prepared when they occur.

Most Common Winter Garage Door Problems

Low temperatures in winter can damage your garage door and cause many problems

Most lubricants are designed for hot temperatures. Cold weather can freeze the grease and other lubricants you use on your vehicle and garage door. Hardened grease and track lubricant will prevent them from running smoothly. 

Springs are responsible for lifting your garage door and providing a counterweight to prevent damage to the door. These components are usually quite resilient. Nevertheless, they have a limited lifespan and eventually wear out like everything else. The change in temperature and increased moisture in the winter can determine the wear and tear of the springs.

How Can You Prevent Common Winter Problems?

Most winter garage door problems can be avoided quite easily. It just requires a little patience and a bit of knowledge. For example, to avoid problems with lubrication, you can always use products that are compatible with low temperatures to prevent lubrication-related issues. Silicone-based lubricants, for example, give you this option. Silicone can maintain the door’s functionality throughout the winter and can be easily removed when needed.

If your door’s spring breaks due to wear and tear, it can be difficult and dangerous to repair it yourself. Especially if you do not have the right tools and proper skills. So, if the problems become more complicated, asking professionals for help might be the best solution. Remember that your safety is always the priority.

Our professional team at Front Range Garage Door has the necessary skills and expertise from years of experience in difficult situations. So the next time you have winter garage door problems, we will be there for you no matter what. Check out our website at new garage door to see the variety of services we offer.

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