Get to Know Your Garage Door Parts and Components

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Learn More about Your Residential Garage Door Parts

Getting to know your garage door is very important in order for you to save time and money, and of course, keep your family safe. It also helps you identify problems faster and easier, in order to talk to a professional technician if you are able to recognize each garage door part. Here is some basic information about some of the most important garage door parts.

Sections: These are made of a group of steel panels which are interconnected with hinges and rollers.

Track: These are on both sides of the garage door, and they hold the rollers which guide the garage door.

Garage Door Parts and Components

Rollers: These are connected to the tracks and are in charge of guiding the garage door when it opens and closes.

Top Brackets: These support the tracks and connect them to the garage ceiling, which, along with the hinges, hold the garage door.

Bottom Brackets: These are attached to the wall at the bottom of the tracks, which hold the garage door.

Hinges: These hold the sections of the garage door together, which allows the door panels to bend as the door rolls up and down.

Torsion Springs: These lift the garage door.

Operator hanger: This holds the horizontal track to the ceiling for added support.

Emergency Pull Cord: This cord allows the garage door to open and close manually.  

Electric Operator: It opens and closes the garage door mechanically.

Sensor:  This detects the presence of an object by using a light transmitter. If the beam is blocked, the garage door will not close.

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