Don’t Let Rust Ruin Your Garage Door

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Garage Door Rust Prevention

Rust is one of the top problems for steel garage door panels and hardware. It reduces the strength and durability of the metal components and makes the system much noisier. Plus, it makes your gate look old. At the same time, you can prevent the appearance of rust. Here we show you how to avoid corrosion on your garage door.

Apply Silicone Spray to the Seal

Silicone sprays impede water from trespassing, which decreases the amount that enters the seal and freezes. You can also use cooking spray and vegetable oil. These products will achieve a similar effect, as a barrier to keep water from sticking.

Apply the spray sparingly to avoid damage to the foam rubber seals and paint. Cooking sprays can also dry out or disintegrate the rubber with regular use, so avoid excess application.

Lubricate Garage Door Tracks

garage door partsLubrication of all the garage door parts is crucial during the winter. This helps the pieces to glide along their tracks even when winter weather strikes easily. We highly suggest using a lubricant explicitly formulated for garage doors and their components.

Spray all the garage door parts such as the bushings and hinges, the springs and the rollers. Lubricate everything a month later to reinforce it.

Open Your Garage Door throughout the Day

Sunlight can help melt the ice around your gate. Open it throughout the day to keep your door from sticking to the ice. Plus, by doing this, it breaks up any frost that may have formed on your panels.

Remove Ice and Snow

avoid rust on garage doorSnow pile up on your door threshold is a severe problem. The rubber seal on the bottom of your garage door can stick to the ice and make it difficult to open. To avoid this from happening, take measures to clear off ice and snow from your garage door threshold before open or lowering it.

Sprinkle salt or the ice melter of your preference where the seal meets the concrete to keep your garage door from freezing shut. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, reducing ice accumulation.

By following the above tips, you can extend the lifespan of your gate and enjoy an efficient, rust-free garage door system.

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