Cleaning a Garage Door to Prevent Problems

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Most of us stay on top of the housework. We wipe our kitchen counters and we clean our hardwood floors, yet many of us fail to keep on top of our outdoor areas. 

Cleaning the exterior of your property is just as important, which involves sweeping the driveway, wiping down the garage doors, and trimming the bushes. 

Why Cleaning a Garage Door is Important

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Much of the time, malfunctions in your garage doors are caused by a lack of cleaning and necessary repairs. Performing proper maintenance and care on your garage doors can reduce wear and tear and keep them working perfectly. It will also reduce the risks of accidents caused by inactive sensors, dodgy springs, or worn-out rollers. 

How to Properly Clean Your Garage Door

Cleaning a garage door is fairly quick and easy. The main areas you should focus on include the tracks and springs, as these are the areas that get the most use. They are also key areas where moisture can get trapped and further damage the garage door mechanics. 

When washing your door, grab a sponge and a bucket of liquid soap and warm water for optimal results. Avoid using harsh detergents as this can damage the paintwork. Carefully wipe down all of your garage door’s interior and exterior surfaces with soapy water before taking a hose and washing off any excess. 

To protect the finish of your door after washing, apply high-quality car wax to the paintwork. This should be done every six months. It’s also good practice to clear the area around your garage door to prevent anything from falling onto it and causing damage. 

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