Why We Love Steel Garage Doors

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Make Your New Garage Door a Steel Garage Door

When choosing the materials for your new garage door, choose durable, reliable materials that will outstand the Colorado seasons and keep your valuables protected. A steel garage door is a helpful solution to your garage door needs in the face of hail, wind, snow, or any conditions that it faces. No matter what, steel is a strong, sturdy, and durable material that comes in many styles to fit your home aesthetic.

Steel Garage Door
Steel garage door with visually stunning horizontal and vertical windows.

The Benefits of a Steel Garage Door

When picking your new garage door, steel is the best option. Consider the benefits:

  • Solid and smooth operation
  • Thermal insulation (with R valves up to R16)
  • Expanded polystyrene core for true thermal break
  • Durability and damage resistance

You can count on your steel garage door to stay in place and hold the heat inside for your recreational or storage needs.

Choices for Your New Garage Door

When picking your steel garage door for installation, you have options. Consider the best heavy-duty steel materials so your garage door can outlast weather conditions, including wind or hail storms. You can choose the panels and coloring so your garage door will suit your style and match with the rest of your property. Another option is including glass panels or opting for enamel finishes that will make your door appear sleeker. Let your new garage door mesh with your aesthetic, so everyone will know that is your garage. Make sure to consider your garage size, your mechanics, and the condition of your current door, so the new garage door installers know what to expect.

To find the best impact-resistant, durable steel garage door materials, you can trust the experts at Front Range Garage Door Co. Established in 1985; our team has been satisfying our customers for decades, so you can be sure your garage door will stay in tact and continue protecting your valuables no matter what.

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