What Do You Do When Your Garage Door Is Getting Noisy?

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The last thing you want to hear with a house component that you hear every day is a loud noise. A noisy garage door fits perfectly into that description. Even if you don’t see any actual functional problems outside of the noise, you don’t want to delay when it comes to service. Prompt garage door repair can make the difference between a minor annoyance and a major problem. Here’s what you need to know.

What Could Cause Your Garage Door To Make A Loud Noise

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Don’t tolerate a noisy garage door, get it fixed before it is too late!

The good news about a noisy door is that most of the root issues are relatively easy to manage. Most likely, it’s issues with the rollers. Problems with the garage rollers can happen for a number of reasons, from broken bearings to simple wear and tear from years of use. There are other potential causes, like the door not having enough lubrication or problems with the hinges. These are generally less common.

Getting Rollers Diagnosis And Repair

The most important thing you want to do as soon as you start hearing your door making excess noise is getting a repair service right away. This is important because while rollers are the most common culprit, it may be something else. This means that you doing a DIY job to fix the rollers may not address the problem. Also, we can’t iterate enough that a garage door that’s malfunctioning is a huge risk to everyone in your home. At any sign of trouble, you want to have the issue diagnosed and attended to.

Whether you need to service your garage door rollers or attend to another issue, you need to work with professionals you trust to get the job done, like Front Range Garage Door. Our team is ready to help get your garage back to proper working condition.


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