7 Garage Door Maintenance Tips

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No matter the season of the year, time or day of the week, your home garage door is used multiple times a day and it is highly important for it to be in optimal working condition to keep you and your family safe at all times.

Smart Tips for Garage Door Maintenance


The very first thing and one of the most effective methods you could use to find out if something is not working properly with your home garage door is to observe and listen. Always look if everything is moving properly, and listen as its operating silently without grinding noises.

Garage Door Maintenance


Your garage door opens and closes daily, which means that parts are constantly moving and vibrating. Take time to examine the garage door rollers and brackets, and if needed, tighten and loosen the parts with a socket wrench.

Garage Door Balance

Your garage door needs to be balanced at all times if not the door opener will work harder and its lifetime will be significantly reduced. To check if it is balanced, open manually and leave it half way and it should stay put. If not, it means that the springs are not balanced.


Rollers can last for a very long time but need to be checked at least 2 times a year. Observe carefully your garage door roller and if they are cracked or chipped it is time to replace them,

well-lubricated garage door


A well-lubricated garage door works more smoothly and increases the lifetime of your garage door parts. Make sure to grease up the garage door chain and other moving parts like rollers.


It is very important that your garage door tracks are free of debris and other objects that could affect your garage door from opening properly.

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