Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Around the Garage Door

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The garage door can be a safety hazard if you have kids around. Here are some garage door safety tips to ensure your kids stay safe around the garage door.

Keep emergency numbers on your phone

Garage door accidents are rare, but in case of an emergency, you might need help fast. The first step to getting out of trouble is having someone to call right away — so make sure to keep important numbers on your phone.

Install an automatic reverse opener

A garage door that provides protection all year is more practical.
Your garage door should functional and safe.

A garage door can be dangerous to an unsuspecting child. Luckily, you can protect your kids by installing an automatic reverse opener. This device will keep your kids safe and, in turn, keep you stress-free. If you don’t have a garage door with one of these devices already installed, check to see if any retailers in your area offer retrofitting service.

Keep doors closed

All too often, garage doors are left open when people go in and out of their garages. This makes it possible for children to gain access and put themselves at risk. Closing your garage door behind you is a small way to keep your family safe from potential accidents.

Install “safety beams”  features on the garage door or opener

Beam your kids is a common phrase these days, referring to ultrasonic beams that stop garage doors from closing when something (or someone) is in their path. These safety features are built into most new garage door openers and can be installed as an add-on feature on many older models. The average cost of beaming your kids starts at about $20 per door and goes up with additional features. It’s worth it if you have young children. If you don’t want to install beams or other safety features, contact a local garage door company or opener manufacturer for help. Most will offer free or low-cost estimates if you have questions about what might work best for your situation.

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