The Most Common Causes of a Damaged Garage Door

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A damaged garage door can result from bad weather elements taking their toll on the door or from an accident. Alternatively, a damaged garage door can happen due to constant misuse and a lack of proper care for the door. Doors will rust over time. Or, there’s so much buildup that key parts of the garage door like the rollers or the springs will malfunction, causing the door not to function. 

What are the most common causes of a damaged garage door, and how can these issues be rectified?


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Prevent garage door wind damage with precautions that will keep it secure.

Accidents will happen. Perhaps your car, or someone else’s, ran into the door by accident and caused extensive damage to not only the door but the concrete potentially. This leaves you with quite the bill to pay off to try and fix things.  Or, you may have accidentally broken the garage opener, meaning that, unless you have an automatic opener, you’re left with a door that’s stuck for the foreseeable future. 

If either of these scenarios has led to a damaged garage door, it’s time to call in professional services to fix the issue as soon as possible. 


The winters especially can get really rough, with snow and ice storms occasionally happening, leaving all sorts of residue buildup on your door. There are even times when the hail falls, damaging garage windows and leaving your garage further susceptible to the elements. 

When a serious weather event happens, you should ensure you get immediate help to rectify any issues. 

Improper Use  

Have you been opening the garage door wrongly the whole time? Are you constantly opening and closing the door, wearing out the rollers and springs in the process? If so, you could potentially have a damaged garage door on your hands. 

These are issues that a simple fix can’t always address. You may instead, need to replace your damaged garage door with a new door, courtesy of Front Range Garage Door. Check out our maintenance services today!

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