Signs It’s Time to Replace Garage Door Hardware

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A garage door is not given much importance once it has been installed, but like all other equipment, it requires regular maintenance. An unattended garage door is a serious hazard for you and your loved ones. Basic upkeep is all it needs for hassle-free use and to prevent costly repairs.

A garage door consists of many hardware components. Once the door starts showing signs of wear and tear, it does not automatically mean that you’ll need to replace it. More often than not, one or two components need repair or replacement for the door to start working again.

Hardware components, such as rollers, hinges, shafts, drums, and sections, can become damaged after regular use, and replacing them extends the lifespan of your garage door.

Signs of Wear and Tear in Garage Door Hardware


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These are one of the first hardware components to wear out with age. If the door starts feeling heavy, it signifies that the springs are close to breaking. If the door feels light, it might be because of improperly sized springs.


When the door starts vibrating or violently shaking every time you open or close it, there’s a strong chance that your rollers need to be replaced.


Hinges play a vital part in supporting the door and allowing it to swing in and out. Constant weight and regular opening and closing cause the hinges to pull out of their holes and loose. Poorly inserted hinge pins can also break the door hinge over time.


If the door starts slamming shut without warning, starts making loud noises when closed, does not open more than mid-way, or starts feeling heavier than usual, it could be due to damage to the drum. Other signs of damage include cracks, warped drums, or being broken by the impact of the door closing.


Hardware plays an important part in the function of the garage door. You must service your garage door system at least once a year to identify vulnerable and damaged parts and whether or not it’s time to replace garage door hardware. Each hardware component serves its purpose, and if one of them stops working, it can affect the efficiency of the entire garage door.

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