Secure Your Home with a Secure Remote Controlled Garage Door

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Few of us can say we have not been burglarized. Every possible measure is often taken to protect a home, dead bolt, mortise lock, pin tumbler lock, yet what about the garage door? No less than 9% of entry points for a burglar is via the unsecured garage door.

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Secure your home with a strong garage door.


Getting burgled is a traumatic experience, and the financial loss can be devastating. Too often the security of the garage door is neglected, which is very good news for a burglar. It has been said that a roll-up garage door can be opened in just a few seconds with a coat hanger.

Here are two useful tips to secure your garage door:

Invest in a Secure and Strong Door

Thieves know their trade and will soon spot a poor quality door, that does not lock properly or worse, that is kept opened. Best is to opt for an automatic garage door so that you do not have to worry about it being left open. Most people just drive off as their garage is still closing. Choose a top quality garage door that can lock by itself. Do not forget to secure any other access door with good quality strong dead bolts.

Invest in a New Garage Door Opener/Remote

A garage door remote for the safety of your home.

You are sitting in your office and suddenly realise you may have forgotten to close the garage. Shear panic sets in, not however if you have a garage door remote to close it.  

You can choose from a range of our remotes online. Remember that it is always wise to to get one that is compatible with the motor of the door. Universal remotes work fine but one that matches the model of your garage door is best, and we can even program it for you!

If you need help in choosing your garage door remote, contact us today! The security of your home is our business.

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