Safety Tips For Garage Door Openers – Part 1

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Garage door openers are in charge of opening and closing the garage door, and if it isn’t working correctly, it can create several difficulties. A residential garage door plays a very important role in home security. If something is not working or installed the way it should, it can expose you and your family to unnecessary danger. Today we want to write about the first 5 out of 10 helpful safety tips for your garage door opener.

Keep Your Family Safe With These Door Opener Safety Tips


Installing a garage door opener seems to be easy, but if not done right, it could lead to a hazardous situation. We highly recommend that you contact a well-known garage door company with qualified technicians to get the job done. 

Watch the Door Until It Completely Closes

When you enter or leave your garage, always make sure to wait until the garage door completely closes to avoid any person or animal getting caught under the door. 

Garage Door Openers Safety Tips

Reinforcement Bracket

Some homeowners, who decide to install their garage door openers by themselves, neglect to install the opener reinforcement bracket to the top section of the door, and this can seriously damage the garage door. Always make sure to check the installation manual before installing the garage door opener. 

Out of Balance

It is common that after some time your garage door gets out of balance, a variety of problems can cause this. If your garage door feels heavy or even if it requires two hands to open it, don´t try to balance it yourself because you might get hurt. We highly recommend calling your garage door company of trust to diagnose the problem and offer a solution. 

Reverse Mechanism 

When your garage door meets an object, it is designed to reverse direction. If the garage door doesn’t reverse quickly after contacting an obstruction, it means that the opener’s sensitivity adjustment may be set improperly.

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