More Safety Tips For Garage Door Openers – Part 2

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On our previous blog, we gave you the first 5 of 10 safety tips for garage door openers. Today we want to write about the last 5 tips for your garage door opener.

Safety Reverse

If your garage door opener was manufactured in the United States after 1993, it has a second safety reversing mechanism that reverses your garage door automatically. These photoelectric eyes are installed near the floor. If your garage door opener doesn’t have this mechanism, it is recommended that you invest in a new one. 

Six-Inch Rule

There is a rule that the photoelectric eyes should never be installed higher than 6 inches from the ground. That is because someone could get under the beam, and an unexpected situation can occur. 

Five-Foot Rule

Install the wall push-button for the garage at least five feet above the floor. That will prevent children from reaching it, causing an accident, or leaving your home unsecured. Under no circumstances should children be allowed to play with opening and closing the door. Always remember that running under a closing door can be a deadly game. 

Remote Control Location 

Keep your garage door remote controls out of your children’s reach. Talk with them about the dangers of playing with the garage door. Also, keep your garage door remotes locked up so a thief can´t have easy access to it and open your garage. 

Rolling Codes

Your remote transmitter signal can be recorded by a thief, opening your garage door, unless you have the newer rolling code technology in all newer garage door openers.

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