Replace Or Repair A Damaged Garage Door Section

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How long have you been eyeing that damaged garage door, wondering how much it will cost to get a new one and whether or not you should let it stay as it is? If left untreated for long, the minor wear and tear can escalate to substantial damage and that will result in higher repairing costs.

The good news is that you can get the partially damaged section repaired without having to replace the whole thing. Some garage door companies provide the service of replacing the damaged garage door section with a new one, provided the matching new section is available.

Damage Severity

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Garage doors are huge & heavy systems that require service and maintenance.
  • Minor: If the damage is superficial, say faded paint or chipped wood, you only need to get it repaired.
  • Major: A cracked panel, broken bolts, jerking motion, slow opening, or closing require the expert to gauge the plan of action. A call at the right time can save you from total replacement.
  • Extreme: If the door is warped or cracked, you might need a new door.

Repair vs. Replacement

It is easier and budget-friendly to try to only replace the damaged garage door section instead of the whole door. The damaged sections might include top, intermediate, or bottom panels, and weather seals. The only catch is that your selected garage door company should have the exact section or parts available.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Garage door repair is best left for professionals as it is one of the more technical projects around the house and dangerous to attempt on your own. If you decide to have your garage door looked at, make sure to select a team of professionals who will try to repair the damaged section of your garage door if the damage is not severe.

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