Qualities of an Energy Efficient Garage Door

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Energy efficiency is an important point for every modern home. One place that is less often talked about when it comes to making your home more energy efficient is the garage. However, garage doors are most often the culprit when a home is “untight” and leaks heat. It is therefore advisable to look for a well-insulated and energy efficient garage door.

Insulation Factor R-Value

A major key of reference to find a well-insulated garage door is the R-value. What is the R-value? The R-value indicates the tightness of the insulation. For example, a door with an R-value of 20 insulates better than a door with an R-value of 15. The higher the R-value, the tighter the insulation and, therefore, more energy-efficient the garage door.

An energy efficient garage door makes your garage more comfortable

Energy efficient garage door
Energy-efficient garage doors are great for overall savings.

One other upside of a well-insulated garage door is that it creates an extra workspace in your house. Poorly insulated garage doors will make your garage colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. A well-insulated garage door, on the other hand, lets you regulate its temperature better, creating a potential extra space for a craft workspace or gym. Whatever your plans: insulating your garage makes your space more comfortable and versatile.

Saving Money On Utilities

A final but important aspect of choosing an energy efficient garage door is the financial one. By making your home more energy-efficient, you can save money long-term. The more insulated your home is as a whole, the less energy can escape. Thus you will waste less energy when heating up your home in the winter or cooling it down in the summer. You can save a good amount of money long-term on your utility bills by investing short-term in a well-insulated garage door.

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