Prevent Garage Door Issues During Winter

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Winter is coming shortly, and it is time to prepare your garage door to avoid any unexpected situations and getting stuck outside in the cold. At Front Range Garage Door Company, we want to give you some vital information. Then you can be prepared, keeping your family warm and safe during the coldest months of the year. 

Essential Steps to Keep Your Garage Door Working During Winter

Professional Inspection

Before winter begins, it is recommended that you hire a professional garage door technician to do a general inspection, making sure that everything is working correctly. For just $95 an hour, our professional certified garage door technicians can help evaluate your garage door and provide general maintenance. Then your garage door will keep on working in optimal condition during winter. 

Garage Door Frozen to the Ground

Commonly, garage doors get stuck on the floor due to the cold weather; this is because the water accumulates at the bottom of the door and freezes the door shut. To prevent this situation from happening, you must get rid of the snow that is near the base of your door at least once a day. 

Look for Broken Springs

You must check, every once in a while, that your garage door springs are not broken.  If the spring is broken your opener is lifting the weight of the whole door, which can cause damage to the opener.  If you don’t see a broken spring, you can test to see whether the springs may need to be adjusted.  Pull the emergency release to disconnect the opener from the door.  If the door drops, the springs may need to be adjusted.

Keep Your Garage Door Working During Winter

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