New Garage Door Trends

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What’s In for New Garage Door Trends?

Shopping for a new garage door? Stay up to date on new garage door trends and styles before you buy a new garage door. Your garage is a major staple for your overall property aesthetic, so it’s important to know what’s in and what’s out and make sure you meet new garage door trends that are tasteful and boost your home appearance.

Garage Door Trends
Steel doors with wood tones and appearance are becoming increasingly popular.

New Garage Door Trends for Modern Homes

Recently, home d├ęcor trends involve going neutral and choosing light shades like whites, beiges, and other neutrals. Because of this, one of the major new garage door trends is to go big, bright, and bold with your garage door. Make your door catch the eyes of people passing by as you customize its features to embellish your property. Choose your own panel style, hardware, and windows. These picks will contribute to your overall curb appeal and can boost your property value. By incorporating your garage door style with the rest of your home design, you’ll have one cohesive aesthetic that will leave a memorable positive impression on the people who see it.

We’ve seen a big increase in the demand for sturdy and durable steel doors. However, consumers are looking for the strength of steel with the warm, rustic qualities of natural wood. Steel garage doors that have a wood tone finish and appearance are becoming increasingly popular.

Natural Light and Insulation

Lately, consumers are looking for something that performs well, looks great, and makes the home and garage more comfortable. Adding windows to a garage door brings in more natural light, and better insulation keeps the indoor temperatures steady. Well-insulated garage doors will also make your garage more energy-efficient, keeping the outdoor climate from affecting your indoor climate.

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