My Garage Door Won’t Open

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The garage door won’t open? Don’t panic! Though it may feel like the end of the world, your first step should be staying calm and thinking through your options. It could be something as simple as an obstruction that you can remove by hand, or it could be more complicated, requiring garage door replacement or repair to resolve the issue. Let’s look at some of the most common garage door opener problems and how to fix them.

Garage Opener Common Problems

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Several things can prevent a garage door from opening, and it could be something as simple as needing new batteries for your remote. But problems with your tracks or springs are more likely to require professional attention. Here are some common issues to look out for if your garage opener won’t open: 

  • Sometimes, your garage door will simply refuse to budge when you push the button on your remote control. This is usually because of a problem with one of two: an obstruction in front of your door preventing it from opening or an issue with your motor. 
  • Another thing to check is whether your power source is working correctly. The most common reason for a malfunctioning garage door is low voltage coming from the house. A faulty circuit breaker or fuse might not provide enough power, so try resetting them before calling someone out. 
  • When your garage door refuses to shut after being opened manually, the chances are good that there’s an issue with your garage door springs. Springs wear down over time and eventually stop being able to lift heavy doors up high enough to fully engage their locks at both ends of travel. This means that you’ll have trouble closing them completely.

Garage Door Repair

You may need to call a garage door repair expert from Front Range Garage Door when your garage door opener or remote is acting up. It can be frustrating and unsafe if you’re having trouble with an opener. You can rest assured that our team of professionals can fix any problem on all makes and models of openers.

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