Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door

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When it comes to your home, garage doors are very important. However, it is very easy to overlook them when you are maintaining the rest of your property. Keeping your garage door up and running plays a big role in your property’s overall curb appeal, value, and security. Your ultimate goal should always be to repair the damages that have occurred to the garage door rather than to replace it altogether. How can you tell it’s beyond repair and time to replace your garage door?

Repeated Breakdowns

Telltale signs you need a garage door replacement.

If you notice that your garage door repeatedly breaks down, it might be time to replace it altogether. Instead of spending a lot of money on having it repaired over and over, it would simply be more cost-effective to just replace it once with a good quality garage door.

Too Much Noise

Most garage doors start making noise over the course of years. Maintenance can often fix this problem, but if you hear creaky noises, cracking, straining, and excessive grinding, then it’s a sign you need a garage door replacement before it breaks down for good and possibly injures someone.

Safety Issues

Older garage doors simply do not come with the high levels of security that newer garage doors do. This can include materials, construction methods, and features that have improved over the years resulting in smarter garage door models with elegant and structurally sound designs. These doors are sure to keep you safe while your old one might not, so it’s time to switch up and replace your garage door.

When a simple repair is concerned, or the replacement of a garage door is concerned, reach out to us at Front Range Garage Door and browse through all the services that we offer. 

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