How to Clean and Care for Your Garage Door

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A clean and well-painted garage door can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal and simultaneously drive up your home’s value. Additionally, when you care for your garage door regularly, you will extend its shelf life and ensure one of the most vital parts of your home is operating as well as possible, saving you from paying exorbitant costs for extensive repairs. 

You can use a good old bucket with some soap and water. Or, you can bring out the hose and give the garage door a good spray, especially if it’s racked up quite a bit of dust over the years. And, there are alternate methods that provide the same effect. 

Waxing is a good way to care for your garage door.

Wax Your Garage Door

Increasingly, garage door manufacturers are recommending this as a way to care for your garage door as it leaves the door with a shiny and appealing finish. Waxing also adds a protective layer to the finish, preventing it from being damaged by harsh weather elements. Furthermore, waxing the door prevents rust and keeps salt from adhering to the door. 

Use a General Purpose Cleaner for the Stripping

It’s not just the garage door and surfaces that need a good cleaning. The stripping needs to be cleaned as well. If it isn’t, it becomes harder to open your garage door with every attempt. The stripping also provides an insulating seal that keeps weather elements from reaching your garage. 

You should use a general-purpose garage door cleaner to wipe off any dirt or grease that’s built up along the stripping. Inspect your stripping if there’s been any damage as well. Every aspect of your garage door requires the same amount of attention so it functions properly. 

You can also use a general-purpose cleaner to safely clean important components of the garage door like the springs, tracks, and rollers so that you extend the life of your garage door.

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