Garage Door Springs Don’t Last Forever. Here’s How to Maintain Them

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What should you do when your garage door will not open? What could be the problem?

There are many common causes for garage door issues. To prevent these from occurring and causing an inconvenience in your life, you want to properly maintain your door. But, how should you do this? Where should you start?

Maintaining Your Garage Door Springs

Your garage door springs play a critical role in its operation. When the spring doesn’t work as it should, the door may not easily open. The purpose of the garage door spring is to make the door light enough so the garage door opener can easily move. Gravity wants to pull the door down but with a well-maintained spring, your garage door will spring up quickly, quietly, and easily.

Garage Door Services and Products

When applying lubricant on your garage door springs, only use products designed for garage doors.

How to Maintain Your Garage Door Springs

It is important that your garage door receives regular maintenance to prevent frequent garage door replacements. Below are just two ways that you can maintain your garage door springs.

Lubrication: By applying lubricant on the spring often, this will prevent it from rusting and becoming stiff. There are many simple ways to apply lubrication to the spring. You can use a spray or wipe oil on the spring. Ideally, you should apply some type of lubrication to the spring and all moving parts at least once every six months.

Replace Parts as Necessary: If you have a piece of hardware or a moving part on your garage door that is worn out and not performing correctly, replace it. Contact a garage door company, such as Front Range Garage Door, to receive the correct parts for your door and to keep it moving at its best.

If you are searching for a garage door replacement for your Denver home or you are simply looking for an updated garage door style, schedule your appointment at Front Range Garage Door today.

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