Keep Your Home Garage Door in Optimal Condition

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Your home garage door is probably the most massive moving object in your house, and if it is used as the main entrance to it, keeping it in optimal condition is very important for your families safety. Today we want to write about some useful maintenance tips to keep your garage working correctly.

Maintenance Tips for Your Residential Garage Door

Get Rid of Rust

Rust is the worst enemy of your garage door, and if left for extended periods, it can cause your garage doors moving parts to get stuck. It is recommended that you inspect it at least twice a year and if you find any rust, remove it with kerosene.

Test the Mechanism

To keep everyone safe in your family, make sure to test the safety reversing mechanism on your garage door. To check it, place an object on the floor and when the garage door closes and comes in contact with the object, it should stop immediately and reopen.


Your garage door has many moving parts and keeping those parts well lubricated is very important so that everything works smoothly. The best way to lubricate your garage door is to get a microfiber towel and remove the grit from the roller tracks and springs. Once this process is done, use a lubricant to spray the moving parts.

Properly Balanced

Having your home garage door properly balanced is crucial to guarantee safety and prevent any unexpected situation. To do so, disconnect your automatic opener and open your door manually, and if the door opens smoothly, it means that it is properly balanced. If that is not the case, contact us immediately to avoid an accident.

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