Fixing A Broken Seal In Your Garage Door

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Garage doors need a periodic inspection to keep them operating smoothly. One should make it a habit to check the components of their garage doors for weather damage and regular wear and tear to avoid having to spend loads of money on replacement parts.

The garage door seal is a strip of rubber or vinyl attached to the bottom of the garage door. It compresses when the door is closed, sealing the gap between the door and the floor to keep air, water, dust, leaves, and other debris from getting inside your garage.

Ice, snow, rain, wind, and usage damage can cause this seal to crack, harden, or tear. Even if your garage door is heavily insulated, a cracked or torn seal is enough to let dirt and air get in and damage your precious possessions.

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Often, the seal might look sturdy, but it will have tiny holes in it. You can check for these holes by looking for light coming inside the garage from beneath the garage door. It is a normal sign of wear and tear and must be addressed.

Replacing that seal will keep the unwanted pests out, erect a barrier between the outside elements and your house, protect your belongings, and save you from high energy bills.

The presence of rodent droppings is also a clear indication of a broken seal that lets insects and unwanted animals inside. In some cases, very old houses experience concrete sinking, creating a gap between the floor and the door and leaving the seal unable to protect the garage from unwanted intruders.

What Does Weather-Sealing a Garage Door Mean?

Weather-sealing a garage door involves adding or replacing the door seal of the garage door to make it completely airtight. Replacing a broken rubber garage seal is necessary to prevent any water from entering your garage, preventing it from freezing and creating water damage to the floor and the rest of the house by seeping into the living spaces.


The inconvenience caused by a broken seal is enough to warrant hiring the services of a trusted garage door company. Book an appointment at the first sign of trouble with your garage door, or call them for garage door repair or preventative service!

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