Common Garage Door Issues You Can Identify – Part 2

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On our previous blog, we wrote about the first 5 out of 10 common garage door issues that we have identified. Here are the last five so you can give proper maintenance to your garage door.

Closes Then Immediately Opens

When this issue occurs, probably, the photo-eyes are not working correctly. These small plastic devices are a safety feature that is located on both sides of the garage door and opens the door if there is an obstacle in the way. Check if there is debris or other obstructions in front of the photo-eyes. Also, make sure that the photo-eyes are well aligned. Measure from the wall up to the center of each photo-eye. 

Doesn’t Seal Completly at the Bottom

The weatherstripping is in charge of sealing the garage door and creating a barrier between the garage and the exterior to avoid air transfer and save energy. When the garage door closes and doesn’t seal completely, it means that the weatherstripping needs replaced.

Remote Is Not Working 

One of the most common garage door problems is a broken garage door remote. The very first thing to do if your remote is not working is to replace the batteries. If this doesn’t fix the issue, it is possible that you need to reprogram the remote. To do so, refer to the manual and see how to reprogram it.

Opener is Unresponsive

No matter if you are using a wall controller, remote, or keyless entry when the garage door opener is not responding, something may be happening with the photo-eyes. Go to the breaker panel and make sure that the breaker is on. If this does not fix the issue, make sure to plug the garage door opener in properly and that the electrical outlet is working. 

Formation of Rust

Rust damages the garage door components, and it usually forms when the iron gets exposed to air, salt, or water for a long time. To remove rust formation from your garage door, you need to clean the area with dishwashing soap and then use vinegar to dissolve it. Another way to prevent rust formation on your garage door is to schedule professional maintenance during spring or fall.

avoid rust on garage door

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