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If you don’t make it a habit to inspect your garage doors for weather damage after every harsh winter, you might have a whole garage door replacement project waiting for you in the near future.

The ice, snow, and rain can be cruel and damaging to the hardware components of your garage door, and the debris and aftermath of this season can destroy the rollers, tracks, and seals.

Set a day to closely inspect these components of your garage door. If you fix them on time, you’ll save yourself from a full-blown replacement.

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Garage door repairs are best left to professionals.


Freezing temperatures contract and weaken the metal springs. Manually test the springs by lifting the door to confirm if they can hold the door’s weight and that the safety cables are still working.


Leaves, slush, rainwater, and other debris can build up under the rollers and cause them to crack. This bends and contracts the tracks on which the door runs, messing with its alignment and hindering its movement. Clear the tracks and ensure the rollers have space to roam freely.


The weather can cause wooden garage doors to crack and rot. Moisture from rain and snow harms the wood. Strong winds can cause aluminum doors to warp. Inspect the doors closely for these damage signs and contact garage door specialists to service the door at the first sign of damage.


If you keep your garage door shut for long periods in winter, the seals at the bottom and on the sides of the garage door may harden and crack. This will let the cold air and rainwater seep under the door and damage your precious belongings. Check these seals and ensure they are firmly attached at all sides.


A stitch in time prevents nine. This holds true for garage door service and inspections because a little vigilance on your part will save you the trouble of replacing the whole door and spending loads of money on something preventable.

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