Are Carriage Style Garage Doors Right for Your Home?

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Styles change constantly. Fashion is a prime example, but the fact holds true for all facets of life – even for garage doors. In recent years, a new trend in garage doors that has emerged is carriage style garage doors. They project an air of grandeur while maintaining the rustic charm of old-fashioned barns. However, there are a few things you should take into consideration before setting your eye on such garage doors.

Carriage Style Garage Doors Require Space

Carriage Style Garage Doors
Make sure you have enough room for your carriage style garage doors to swing out!

Carriage style garage doors may look cool as they open, but they may not be a good fit for every driveway or home. Their outward swinging doors require more space than regular garage doors which most often slide up and retreat into the garage. You will therefore need to make sure that your driveway allows enough space for the doors of a barn or carriage style garage to function properly.

Make Sure It Matches Your Home’s Style

Aside from the practical consideration of space, there are also aesthetic considerations to be taken into account before settling on a carriage style garage door for your garage. Assuming your driveway allows for their installation, the question remains whether these doors fit the overall style of your home.

These considerations include choices about materials, textures, and colors, even shape. Popular carriage-style garage doors include classic rounded tops or squares. You may also want to consider adding extra decorative details with contrasting hardware. The options are vast, so make sure to get the full scope of your options to get the perfect barn garage door that matches your home.

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