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Garage Door and Opener Service & Repairs - $88/hour

We service most makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers.



Garage Door Repairs by appointment

  • General Service (lube, tighten, adjust)

  • Broken Spring Repair
             One of the most common garage door problems.  If the door doesn't want to open, check for a broken spring.
  •  (spring on left broken)

  • Broken/Frayed Cable Replacement, or put cable back on

  • (frayed cable)

  • Other Hardware Replacement
  •     rollers
  •     hinges
  •     shaft
  •     drums
  •     section replacement

  • Ran Into Your Door?

             If sections are available to match the existing ones, the sections only (not hardware) can be replaced.


Garage Door Opener Repairs By Appointment

  • If you disconnect the opener from the door, and the door works ok manually, then chances are a repair/replacement of your garage door opener (on the ceiling) is necessary
  • Know your brand name and/or model #
      If the unit is 15 years or older, parts may not be available 

Feel free to call or
e-mail with questions on garage door repairs, garage door parts or automatic opener repairs or parts.
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